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    1) Click the option of Word program. 2) Additional functions → Management (A): Click the Go button for COM Add-ons.

    3) In the COM add-in window, check EndNote Cite While You Write and click the OK button.

    4) If it doesn't appear even if you check it, select EndNote Cite While You Write in the COM add-in window, delete it, and run it again after exiting the word.

    5) In the COM add-in window, add EndNote Cwyw.dll with the Add button.
    – EndNote X9 dll file location
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\19\EndNote Cwyw.dll

    If you can not proceed as above,


    Word Options > Customize Ribbon > Make sure EndNote X9 is checked


    In case of collision with other programs (ex. Mendeley, Zotero, Acrobat, etc.), the corresponding error may occur.

    And the program causing the crash must be deleted or unloaded.

    “COM Add-in > Uncheck or delete other program Add-in > Add EndNote”


    - The problem of elevation in error message is an installation error, and you must reinstall EndNote with administrator privileges in Windows 7 / 10.

    - After deleting EndNote completely, we recommend rebooting the PC, granting administrator rights to Windows 7 / 10, and then proceeding to install EndNote.
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    The medical library uploads the updated journal style file to the EndNote style library.

    1.  Please log in to the medical library website and download it from the menu below.

         Research Support > Research Support Service > EndNote Style Archive

    **  File location**     C:\soanstj\EndNote\Styles or C:\Program Files\EndNote\Styles

    2. If there is no file in the EndNote style library, please apply for the EndNote style.

        Research Support > Research Support Service > EndNote Style Application

    Reference URL
    EndNote Style Archive
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    [Problem]  When the message "Server execution failed" appears

    [ Cause ]  This occurs because the EndNote Add-in installed in the Word program does not receive computer rights.

    [Solution]  1. Delete the Office program and EndNote program

                   2. Reinstall the Office program

                  3. Reinstall the EndNote program

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    Compatibility problem between EN X9.3.1 / MAC X9.3.2 (64bit) and its lower version X9.2 (32bit)

    ->  Library files (.enl) and compressed files (.enlx) worked in X9.3.1 version do not open in X9 / X9.2 version

    [ Cause ]  EndNote X9.3 version distribution background :

                   As the MAC OS is upgraded to Catalina (64bit), the use of the existing EN X9.2 (32bit) becomes impossible.

                  In line with this, the EN X9.3.2 (64bit) version for MAC available for MAC Catalina has been released.


                   However, after this, compatibility between existing Window EN X9.2 users and MAC EN X9.3.2 users became a problem.

                   A Window EN X9.3.1 (64bit) version of the problem is being released.

                   EN software will be continuously upgraded to 64-bit format later.


    [Solution] 1. When sharing version-up / Library to EndNote X9.3.1, use Sync function

                  2. EndNote X9.2 version continues to be used -> The library attaches the X9.2 version installation file to the library

                       Library homepage (login)>Resources>EndNote X9 installation file guide ))

                       Delete X9.3.1 version through the program uninstall function in the control panel, and then install it as X9.2 version..


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    Q: If the EndNoteX9 fails to launch after the Mac OS update, the message below appears

    Note: If you are part of a site license, please check your university or company web site to update to EndNote X9.3.1.

    A: If you have updated Catalina,you will need to delete the existing EndNote program, delete the previously downloaded dmg, and install it again.

    The installation link is below.

    Customized Mac installer downloadhttps://download.endnote.com/site/3a5b925894ec11e89131cd275866d3da/EndNoteX9SiteInstaller.dmg

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    [Problem]   When the message 'Invalid class string' appears

    Cause ]  This occurs because the EndNote Add-in installed in the Word program does not receive computer rights.

    [Workaround]  Reset the permissions of EndNote19.AddonServer in registry editor.

    1)Close all programs.

    2) Open the EndNote folder in Windows Explorer.

      – C:Program filesEndNote X9 또는 C:Program files (x86)EndNote X9

    3) Right-click the EndNote.exe executable file and click “Run as Administrator” to execute it.

    – If you run the EndNote program with an administrator account, the entry in the authority section of the registry editor appears normally.

    4) Enter “regedit” in the Start menu search box and select “Run as administrator” in the registry editor.

    5) Select the following folder under “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” and right-click menu permission.

    – “EndNote19.AddinServer” : EndNote X9

    – “EndNote18.AddinServer” : EndNote X8

    6) Click Advanced and select Add.

    7) In the Permissions window of EndNote18.AddinServer, if Everyone is not there, click the Add button.

    7) If Everyone exists, double-click the name  > 10

    8) Enter everyone and click the Check Name button.

    9) Click the OK button..

    10) In the EndNote19.AddinServer Advanced Security Settings window, double-click Everyone.

    11) In the EndNote19.AddinServer rights entry window, click Show advanced rights.

    12) Change the type from allow to deny

    13) Check Delete.

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    [Cause/Symptom] It occurs when there is no library in EndNote.
    "There are no references selected in the frontmost endnote library."

    [Solved] 1. Word → EndNote X8 (or X9) → Preference → Application → EndNote → OK

    2. Check if you are in EndNote X8 (or X9) → Online Search Mode.
    When in Online mode, create a library file or open an existing file.

    Select the desired search result value among the records found in Online Serach Mode → right-click → select the appropriate Library from the Copy References To submenu.

    Local Library Mode로 전환한 다음 해당 Record 선택 후 Insert Citation 하면 Word 로 인용 완료됩니다.
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    [Problem]   If the following message appears when using EndNote

    [  Cause  ]    On Network / Shared devices such as DropBox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive

                       When I download or run the library (.enl / .enlx) I get the above message.

    [Solution]    Please run the library on the desktop instead of the shared network

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    1. Save the EndNote style for Excel files (Attachment: Tab delimited (Korea Univ)) in the following directory

    c:document in library endnotestyles (for Windows 7)

    If the above folder does not exist, c:Program filesEndNote corresponding version styles

    2. Select'Tab delimited (Korea Univ)' through select another style in Endnote

    3. Change to the'Tab Delimited (Korea Univ)' Style and specify the references you want to export to Excel

    4. Click copy formatted in Edit

    5. After opening a new document in Excel, paste (ctrl+V) to import the reference information as shown below.

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    Cause 1:  Reinstall Endnote program due to computer format -> "Invalid class string" error message when using Word program for the first time in current OS account

    Solution 1: An error may occur during the process of linking the Word program with the Endnote program. After installing the program, you must run the EndNote program first, and then use the Word program. After that, it doesn't matter which program you run first. If the same phenomenon is repeated even if using Solution 1 go to Solution 2.

    1. Exit both Word and EndNote programs

    2. Running the EndNote program

    3. Open library to use

    4. Open a word program and use endnote

    Cause 2: An error message occurs even if the CWYW tool installed in the Word program and the endnote program have different versions

    Solution2: Check if the endnote version of the Word program is the same as the version of the endnote program (e.g. Endnote X7)

    1. If the EndNote version is different, delete and reinstall the EndNote program (remove it from "Add/Remove Programs")

    2. If the EndNote version is the same, go to Solution 3

    Cause 3: When formatting the computer, an error occurs when the currently logged in OS account is different from the account at the time of installing the endnote (i.e., setting the Windows account after installing the endnote).

         For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 systems, you must install the Endnote program while logged into the OS with the account that will use the program, and the account must be logged in with'Administrator privileges'.

         If the same error occurs even though it is installed correctly, follow the instructions below.

    Solution 3:  *Please note that editing the registry may affect other programs.

    1. Quit all open programs 

    2. Open the folder where the EndNote program is installed → Example: C:Program FilesEndNote X7

    3. Right-click EndNote.exe and select "Run as administrator"

    4. With Endnote open, click the "Start" menu -> enter regedit in the search box and press enter -> run the registry edit window

    5. Expand the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" folder -> place the mouse on "EndNote17.AddinServer"

    6. Right click on the AddinServer key folder -> select'Permissions'

    7. Click'Advanced -> Click'Add'

    8. Enter Everyone in the object name and confirm. (If "Everyone" is already on the list, select and confirm)

    9. Check'Reject' in the'Delete' column of the permission list and confirm

    10. Exit the registry editor and endnote program
    11. Run EndNote and Word

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    Cause/Symptom : This occurs when the Word document is abnormally terminated due to twisted computer registry values of EndNote and Word.


    Resolution : Activate EndNote tool [Windows 7/8, Word 2007/2010/2013]


    - Word program -> File menu -> Click Options -> Click on Add-ons -> Click on the ‘COM Add-in’ button at the bottom right


    - Select EndNote Cite While You Write -> Click Remove button


    - After removal -> Run Word again -> File menu -> Click Options -> Click Add-ins -> Click on the'COM Add-ins' button at the bottom right -> Click the [Add] button -> Find Cwyw.dll again Add (Refer to the figure above for the location of Cwyw.dll)

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    Compatible by EndNote Version (Computer OS and Microsoft Word)

    EndNote Version

    Windows OS

    Word Version

    EndNote X7

         Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

         Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013(32/64Bit)

    EndNote X6

         Windows XP, Vista, 7

         Word 2003, 2007, 2010(32Bit)

    EndNote Version Mac OS Word Version
    EndNote X6, X7     X (10.6.8x, 10.7.x, 10.8x)                           Word 2008, 2011                

    Silent installation location - C:/program files/endnote x7

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    - Product Key Request

    1. When Product Key is requested during EndNote program installation

    Cause/Symptom : The EndNote installation file provided on the library homepage is a compressed file. If it is normally extracted, a separate license (product key) is not required. If compression is not properly performed, a product key is required.

    Resolution : Save EndNote file in any folder -> Extract with the Extract menu -> Run ENX7Inst.msi (However, after extracting, the generated License.dat and ENX7Inst.msi files must be located in the same folder)

    2.Product Key request while using the EndNote program

    Cause/Symptom: When the EndNote program is installed as a Trial version, after a certain period (30 days), the Product Key is requested or only 10 references are displayed in the EndNote Library.

    Resolution : The existing installed EndNote program must be deleted from the Control Panel and reinstalled with the EndNote program posted on the library homepage.

    - When installing the EndNote program, File In Use pops up and the program cannot be installed

    Cause/Symptom: Since the EndNote program has a part that works with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, etc., it cannot be installed if Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc. are running when installing the EndNote program.

    Resolution 1: EndNote program must be installed after exiting the Microsoft and antivirus programs.

    Resolution 2: If the above message is displayed even after exiting the program (forced termination)

    - Press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time and run Task Manager

    - After selecting WINWORD.exe and OUTLOOK.exe in the process, click'End Process'


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    * EndNote program output style storage location

    - By default, the output style is specified in the C:Program files[EndNote Version]Styles folder

    - Individual folder for output style can be created separately. When creating a new output style, saving the personal folder takes precedence.

    - If two Output Styles exist in the personal folder and C:Program files [EndNote Version] Styles folder with the same name, the Output Style in the Personal Style folder is recognized first.


    * Check the output style personal folder location of EndNote program


    - EndNote Program -> Top Edit -> Preferences -> Folder Location -> Style folder


    * Personal folder default : My Documents EndNoteStyles folder (recommended, if you don't have the folder, you can create one


    - Personal folder default value according to computer OS

    Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings[UserName]My DocumentsEndNoteStyles

    Winddows Vista, 7, 8: C:Users[UserName]DocumentsEndNoteStyles

    Mac OS X: Harddrive:Applications:EndNote:Styles


    Resolution: If you do not have administrator privileges in Windows Vista, 7, 8, if you save directly to C:Program files[EndNote Version]Styles, your computer will not recognize it. Save it on the desktop and copy it and save it in your personal style folder or C:Program files[EndNote Version]Styles folder.

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    Cause/Symptom: 1.This is the case when you click Convert Citations and Bibliography -> Covert to Unformatted Citations in the EndNote menu of the Word program and it is displayed in Unformatted Citation(s) format. The Unformatted Citation(s) format is represented by the endnote's unique value {First Author's Last Name, Year #Record Number} in EndNote.

    Word documents that are once unformatted citations take precedence over any unformatted citation form over any output style.

    2. When using other bibliographic management programs on the web, such as Mendely


    Resolution :  1.

    - After applying the Output Style on the computer, click the Word program -> EndNote menu -> Update Citations and Bibliography

    - Ctrl + A (Select All) -> Ctrl + C (Copy) in Word document

    - Word program -> File menu -> New -> New document -> Ctrl + V (Paste) -> Save as

    2.  Unlink existing bibliographic management programs such as Mendely

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    Resolution : Word program -> EndNote menu -> Preferences Click -> Check Enable Instant Formatting on new Word documents


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    Cause/Symptom : When the citation of the text and the reference citation of the reference are disconnected, the citation of the reference is repeatedly added. Whether the link is connected is the case where the back part is displayed in gray when the cursor is placed within the reference bibliography of the reference, or it is recognized as plain text if it is not displayed in gray.


    solution :

    - Word document -> EndNote menu -> &lsquo;Edit & Manage Citation(s)' click (Check connection)


    - Word document -> EndNote menu -> Convert Citations and Bibliography -> Click ‘Covert to Unformatted Citations‘


    - Select all cited references bibliography of references -> Delete


    - Word document -> EndNote menu -> Click ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’


    - If it is updated and connected normally, it is grayed out when the cursor is placed in the reference.


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    Cause/Symptom : This is because the field code value is set to be visible in the Word program.

    solution :

    - For Word 2010
    Choose File menu -> Click Options -> Advanced -> Show document content -> Uncheck'Show field codes instead of values'

    - For Word 2007
    Click the Office button -> Click the Word Options button -> Advanced -> Show document content -> Uncheck the'Show field codes instead of values'

    - For Word 2003
    Tools menu -> click Options -> click the Display tab -> uncheck ‘Field Codes’

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    Cause/Symptom : Even after applying the corresponding journal output style, the journal name is mixed with the abbreviation name and the entire journal name, or it is not displayed as ISO Abbreviation.


    solution :

    - EndNote Program -> Tools -> 'Open Term Lists' -> Click 'Journals Term List'


    - Click on the journal name in the Terms tab -> Select all with ctrl + A -> Click on'Delete Term' (Delete all existing journal names) -> Import in the order shown below


    caution :

    - Term List should be applied to each EndNote Library.

    - The Term List file provided by EndNote does not cover all journals. If there is no corresponding journal name, EndNote program -> Tools -> 'Open Term Lists' -> 'Journals Term List' -> Terms tab -> Click on'New Term' -> Enter the journal name in the relevant item.