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Plagiarism Prevention Tools

What is Turnitin?

A Similarity Check Solution for Academic Papers and Reports


Use Chrome
Use School Mail Account when creating an account
1 Account per user

Turnitin Access URL

Check Public Class ID / Registration Key Shortcut

How to Use

Student Faculty Members
Process Process
Manual Manual
Required Documents (related to thesis/dissertation) Faculty Member Account Creation
  1. Digital Receipt
  2. Plagiarism Prevention Tools Inspection Confirmation Sheet Shortcut
    Graduate School Homepage > Department Guide > Forms / Documents > Various Forms >
    ‘Plagiarism Prevention Tools Inspection Confirmation Sheet’
  3. Contact the administration office of your department, graduate school for further information
  1. Blackboard Users: An account will be automatically created.
    You can reset/change your PW through the ‘Find PW’ in the Turnitin page.
    (You must enter your e-mail address linked to the Blackboard account to find your PW)
  2. Users who do not use Blackboard: Request account registration through turnitin@korea.ac.kr(Proxy application through assistants, etc. are prohibited)
    Required Information: Department/Name/E-mail(Korea Univ. E-mail Account)
  3. Available after receiving a Welcome E-mail, which includes the temporary password.
    Set your password through the ‘Set PW’ link shown in the Welcome mail.

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