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Research Paper / EndNote Style

Research Paper Support Service

This service modifies the format of papers, citations, and references for domestic and foreign papers in accordance with the submission guidelines of the journal. In addition, related information such as the latest Introduction for Authors, SCIE listing, and Impact Factor of the journals to be submitted are also provided.

Service target

  • Domestic/International journal papers written by faculty members (including instructors) belonging to this institution (based on the first author)
  • Thesis after English correction
  • ※ English correction is conducted by the Medical Research Institute Support Team (Manager Tel : 02-3407-4057).
  • Excluding master’s and doctoral thesis
  • Manuscript application 12 cases per year-In case of the same manuscript, it can be modified 3 times per case, included in 12 cases
  • Multiple applications for submission to multiple academic journals per manuscript are not allowed (the academic journal submission ethics principle)

Content provided

Category Details
Submission of paper format In accordance with the journal’s latest Instruction for Authors, we check the format of the entire article to check for any errors or violations.
Quotation Marking and Reference Verification After confirming the accuracy of the cited reference, we will use the EndNote program to correct the citation and reference format of the paper in the form of a journal.
MeSH keyword selection support We check and recommend keywords using PubMed’s MeSH Database.
Other items We provide related information such as SCIE listing and Impact Factor.

How to apply / Duration

  • Research support on the homepage-Research Support Service-Research Paper / EndNote Style – Research thesis & EndNote style application and inquiry
  • Submitted journal name, manuscript file(*.doc) – Title Page attachment is required, EndNote file(*.enlx) – If the applicant’s paper is not confirmed, the application will be canceled.
  • Duration: 3 to 5 days (weekends/holidays are excluded, and additional time may be required in some cases)

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EndNote style service

If there is no EndNote style of the journal you want to submit, it is a service that creates and provides the style of the journal.

Service Request

  • Users belonging to this institution

Request / Duration


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