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How to use Facilities

Library Access

  • You can go through the library entrance gate using your student ID card (library pass).
  • Inside the library, you should always carry your student ID. You should always show your student ID card (library pass) when requested by the library staff.
  • Rental/Copying of the Student ID card, unauthorized entry, etc., is strictly prohibited. When caught, you will be restricted from entering the library (or using any services provided by the library) according to the library regulations.

Students & Faculty Members of Korea Univ.

  • Students & Faculty Members can gain access to library materials/facilities using their Student ID (Employee Cards).
  • In the case of a course that does not issue student ID cards (i.e., exchange students, short-term courses at affiliated institutions, etc.), the user can use the library after receiving a Library Card. Go to ‘Library Card Issuance’ Page


  • When the issuance of a Student ID Card is delayed, the user can gain access to the library and borrow books by using their ‘ID card (Resident Registration Card, etc.) and ‘Student Number.’ (only during March & September)
  • Freshmen who have not received a student number should use their ‘ID card’ and ‘Admission Certificate’ to gain access to the library and view books/materials (must submit ID card) (cannot loan materials/books or use reading rooms).


  • Graduates can enter the library and use the reading room for one month after graduation.

Outsiders from Other Universities

  • Can gain access to the library and its services by receiving a ‘Data Access Request Form’ (name of form may vary by university) and submitting it to the Korea Univ. Library. (However, cannot loan books/materials or use reading rooms)
  • Graduate students from universities that are a part of the Academic Information Exchange Council (Kyunghee Univ. Sungkyunkwan Univ. Yonsei Univ. Hanyang Univ.) can enter the library after presenting their student ID

Ordinary Users (External Users)

  • Ordinary users can enter the library only for the purpose of reading materials/books. They must leave an ID card and receive a ‘Visitor Card’ from the main desk to enter the library.
  • Group Tours & Minors can enter the library only if they have earned permission in advance.
  • Users must follow the instructions/directions of the library staff. If a user causes any kind of discomfort to other users or performs an act that goes against the purpose of the library, they will be forced to leave the library (or even be banned) according to library regulations.

How to Use Facilities

  • You can simply make a reservation to use library facilities (reading room, group study room(Hye yum), Education room, Locker, etc.) through the Medical Library Homepage > Facilities > Facilities Use > Facility/Seat Reservation – Facility Reservation System (APP/WEB).

How to make a Reservation

  • Web Page – Choose the date, library, group, facility, hours of use in the Medical Library Homepage > Facilities > Facilities Use > Facility/Seat Reservation

Facility Usage Guide

1) Seat assignment

  • Seat assignment reservations are only available on the day
  • Reservations can be made up to 8 hours per time and extended 3 times
  • Kiosk recognition not required for web reservations

2) Facility Reservation

  • Hyeyum Room 1-Room 7 (10 people) requires registration of 3 or more participants
  • The Instruction room on the first floor (capacity of 36 people) requires registration of 10 or more participants and can be used after approval by the administrator
  • Reservations for all facilities can be made within 2 weeks from the day
  • However, 2 times per person, 4 times during the reservation period (participation registration is also included in the number of reservations)
  • After booking through the web page, you must be authenticated (4th floor lobby kiosk) to use.

  • ※ Authentication method
  • Authentication through the 4th floor lobby kiosk
  • If you do not authenticate within 20 minutes before/after the start of the reservation time, the reservation will be processed and cannot be used.
  • Unused after reservation, sanctions will be imposed upon non-certification within the specified time (facility/seat not available)

3) Locker Application

  • Applicable only to medical school (graduate) students and medical staff.
  • Location and number of lockers: Emergency stairs on the 4th floor / 1 ~ 76
  • Monthly fee: 5,000 won
  • Monthly application period: 26~30(31) days at the end of each month (only active during the application period)

  • ※ Authentication method
  • Notice of assignment on the 1st of each month (Sending text messages)
  • Deposit date and deposit account after assignment: 1st ~ 2nd of each month / Hana Bank 576-810021-07505 Korea University
  • * Deposit is required as a user name

Contact Us

  • Facility Manager : 02-2286-1262, pyd69@korea.ac.kr

Etiquette for facility use

  • At the Korea University Medical Library, please observe the following in order to efficiently manage data and maintain a comfortable reading environment.

No damage to library materials/equipment and unauthorized release

  • Library materials, equipment, and facilities cannot be damaged or taken out without permission.

Prohibition of noise-inducing acts in the reading room

  • In the reading room, prohibition of high noise, chat, and cell phones are prohibited, and noise-producing activities such as calculators, alarm clocks, and laptops are prohibited.

Food and drink prohibited

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the reading room and data room, but you can bring bottled water/beverages and tumblers with lids.
  • In the rest area ‘Grang’ on the 2nd floor, only simple foods that do not smell (for example, sweets, bread, rice cakes, etc.) are allowed.
  • Food with broth or odor is not allowed. (Example: Gimbap, Ramen, Chinese food, Chicken, Pizza, Hamburger, Lunch box, etc.)

ID card and account rental prohibited

  • You can not borrow ID cards (including library passbooks) to others, or use other people’s ID cards to access books, issue reading seats, or borrow materials, and access the medical library website (including Korea University Library, Sejong Institute of Information). You cannot provide an account with others.

Printed materials/posts attached, computer use

  • Printed materials posted/attached to the library are limited to publications issued by on-campus institutions, and posts may only be posted at designated locations authorized by the library.
  • Search computers should not be used for purposes other than those specified.

Prohibiting disturbances against others and helping to maintain order

  • It is forbidden to damage the reading atmosphere, to threaten discomfort or safety to other users, to interfere with learning, to rip off riches, to harm the preservation and use of materials, or to violate library purposes.
  • You must follow the staff’s demands for maintaining library order, and if you do not, you may be subject to sanctions for library use.

Library Smoking Ban

  • Smoking is prohibited in the library, and outside the library is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

If you violate the compliance, you cannot use it as a library sanction as shown in the table below.

위반사항 Sanctions for using violations
Unused 2 or more times after facility reservation more unused Facility reservations and seat assignments are suspended for one month
Loan and illegal use of student ID and pass Stop using the library for more than 1 month and less than 1 year
Damage or malfunction of library materials, equipment, equipment, etc. Stop using the library for 15 days or more and less than 1 year
도서관 자료 및 기기, 비품 등의 무단반출 3개월 이상 2년 이하의 도서관 이용 중지 및 현물배상
Non-compliance with requests from library staff to maintain order Stop using the library for 10 days or more and 3 months or less
The act of spoiling the reading order, such as theft, rant, assault, and fuss Stop using the library for more than 1 year or permanently
If you are being disciplined by Korea University disciplinary regulations Stop using the library during that period