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Floor Guide

Floor Guide

Reading Room 1, Reading Room 2 / Study Room 7 / Vitamin M/W (Rest Area M/W) / Locker 1,2 [4F Tel 02-2286-1262]

There are 280 reading rooms on the 4th floor (158 seats for open tables, 122 seats for partitions), and you can use them through the library website through seating and assignment procedures. Vitamin M/W).

Department of Medical Information Management [3F Tel : 02-2286-1261 / 1262]

General administration of the library and budget execution.

Books & Serials / Hyeyum 5,6 (Study Room 5,6)[3F Tel : 02-2286-1254, 1268 / 1262]

About 45,000 medical and general books are operated as open-shelves, and reference books such as various dictionaries, yearbooks, laws, statistics, maps, etc. can be used, and a BDS (Book Detection System) is installed so that users can freely use their belongings can.
You can freely browse recent general magazines, and medical academic papers not in the library can be received by fax or by mail by copying the original text of the journal between member libraries under the agreement of the Korean Medical Library Association and the Korean Association of Private University Libraries. Papers that are not in Korea can be submitted overseas and received through a medical library.

Studio M / AR/VR Lab / Hyeyum 1-4 (Study Room 1-4) / Computer Lab. / i Commons / Grang (Rest Lounge) [2F Tel : 02-2286-1262]

You can freely search, browse, and save (print) the domestic and foreign medical-related academic databases and the original texts of over 15,000 kinds of domestic and foreign journals on the Internet.
In the Study Room, each room is equipped with an electronic blackboard and can be used through the facility reservation/authentication process through the library website.

Open Lounge / Lounge 1,2 / Instruction Room / KU Medicine legacy lounge [1F Tel: 02-2286-1261 / 1262 pyd69@korea.ac.kr]

Open Lounge / Lounge 1,2 / The KU Medicine Legacy Lounge is available free of charge, and the Instruction Room can be used after application/approval procedure by phone or email.