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Library Copy/Printing Service

  • Unmanned Card Copying Machine
Floor Location # of Installed Machines
2F i commons 2EA
Floor Location # of Installed Machines
2F i commons 2EA

Contact Us

  • Main Library / Science Library Copy Room : 02-3290-2650, 02-953-5574


  • Locations/Information
Floor Room Name Information Remarks
1 Stairway entrance Search (Mac PC) Total 2 PCs
2 i Commons PC for reading original documents of the National Library of Korea /National Assembly Library (simple web surfing, avoiding document work) 1 PCs
2 i Commons search and document editing, Adobe program (Photoshop, etc.) Total 10 PCs
2 Computer Lab. Medical center medical program use (3rd and 4th grade students use) Total 12 PCs
2 AR/VR Lab. Educational multimedia contents training and maker spaces such as AR/VR Total 4 PCs
1 Stairway entrance Search (Mac PC) Total 2 PCs
3 자료실 자료 열람용 PC Total 4 PCs
4 Lobby Search PC Total 2 PCs

Wireless LAN Usage Guide

  • The wireless LAN service of Korea University College of Medicine can be used within the College of Medicine as follows.
  • * If you have a portal account of our school, you can use it without applying.
    (When changing the password of our portal, please note that the password of the wireless LAN is applied only after midnight on the day.)

    Wireless LAN service range :   College of Medicne Main Hall, Medical building #1, Moonsook Medical Building, Medical Library

Application Procedure Guide    Wireless LAN Application form

    * ID return guide: automatic return if not used for 1 year

Manual Guide(SSID : Koreauniv_AP)

Classification OS Type Setting Classification Description Download
Notebook Windows OS automatic setting 1.Download and run the program
2.Portal ID/Password input
MAC OS manual setting 1.See manual manual
Smartphone Android OS manual setting 1.See manual manual
Apple iOS manual setting 1.See manual manual
    * Notebook (WIN) authentication program (on campus): \\\f_server\Medical wireless authentication program


  • Library provided SW
Classification Program Guide Remark
Bibliography Management Tool EndNote X9 Usage Guide Page(Windows Ver), Usage Guide Page(Mac Ver) Login to Library Homepage is required
Plagiarism Management Turnitin Usage Guide Page
Graphic/Statistics dobe CC 2F i Commons 11 PCs (Mac 2 PCs)

About Illegal Software Use (Restrictions)

    • Make sure to use licensed software in all spaces/rooms inside the campus (including the library) to avoid copyright disputes.
    • Any illegal use of commercial software will result in up to three years in prison, and a fine of up to 30 million KRW. Illegal copying, distributing, lending of copyrighted contents will result in up to five years in prison, and a fine of up to 50 million KRW.
    • All responsibilities arising from the illegal use of commercial S/W inside the campus shall be borne by the individual (or party)
    • Cases of Illegal S/W Use

  • A. When you use a software that does not have a genuine license.
  • When you install a university-owned MS Windows OS, etc. after purchasing a PC (or assembly PC) without an operating system (OS)
  • When you bring a personal PC with illegally copied software into the school.
  • When you use a personal open software inside the campus.
  • When you use a campus license (Management Program) software on a PC that is NOT a school asset.
  • When you download illegal programs through P2P, torrent, etc.

Contact Us

  • Wireless LAN Manager : 02-2286-1286, hnk0520@korea.ac.kr
  • Computer Manager : 02-2286-1262, pyd69@korea.ac.kr