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Easy Loan Service

The Easy Loan Service is a service that allows you to borrow loanable materials/books from a designated place.

  • Loanable Material : Loanable materials among the books of library’s collection (including the materials owned by Sejong Academical Information Center)
  • # of Books : You can loan up to 3 books at once. However, you cannot loan the material when you are suspended or currently have overdue material
  • Location : Smart Loan/Return Machine within the campus
  • ※ The ‘Location’ may be changed to the nearest loan desk depending on the status of the material. So make sure to check the loan location through Kakao Notification Talk or E-mail.

  • How to Use
  • Search Material → ‘Details’ screen → Click the ‘Easy Loan Service’ button → Select a location → Check/Modify contact → Arrival Notification (Kakao Notification Talk/E-mail) → Check/Visit Location → Loan Material

  • Other Information
  • Requested materials will be prepared twice a day (09:00 AM & 14:00 PM), and you will receive an arrival notification when the material is prepared. Requests made after 14:00 PM will be prepared in the next morning.
    The loan must be made within 3 days (including Saturdays, excluding Sundays/Holidays).You will be restricted from using the Easy Loan Service for 30 days if you do not loan the requested material.
    We will inform you separately if you make a Easy loan request on a material that cannot be loaned.
    (ex. When the material does not exist in our collection, when the material cannot be loaned due to severe damage, etc.)

    구로병원 도서실, 안산병원 도서실은 의학도서관 소장 도서만 가능합니다.



Reservation is a system that can be used when the material loaned by other users are returned to the library.
  • Loanable Material : When a certain material owned by the library is currently ‘On loan,’ the ‘Reservation Available’ button will be activated.
  • # of Books : Up to 3 books per user + 3 users per book
  • Location : You cannot select the location for reservation. You can loan the book from the archive/library that owns the material/book.

  • Other Information
  • We will contact you by Kakao Notification Talk (or SMS)/E-mail when the reserved material arrives.
    The loan must be made within 3 days (including Saturdays, excluding Sundays/Holidays)You will be restricted from using the Reservation Service 30 days if you do not loan the requested material.



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