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Guide (for Faculty Members)

Service Name Service Content Related Menu Link
Library Access The user can enter the library using a smart card (student card, library card). Facility Access URL
Open Hours URL
Book/Material Loan/Return/Renewal/Reimbursement You can borrow/return/renew books/materials according to the regulations by user status. Depending on the situation, you can use easy loan services/reservation/branch loan services. If the loaned material/book is lost/damaged, the user must pay a replacement cost. Loan/Return/Renewal/Reimbursement URL
Easy/Reservation/Branch Loan URL
ILL The Interlibrary Loan Service is a service that allows the user to loan books that are currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library through a partner institution. ILL Request URL
DDS The DDS (Document Delivery Service) is a service that allows the user to request a copy of a material/book that is currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library from other domestic/foreign partner institutions. DDS Request URL
Material Purchase Request You can purchase/subscribe books, serial publications, or electronic resources that are currently not owned by Korea Univ. Library. You can check the current purchase/subscription status according to the Library Collection Guideline. Material Purchase Request/ Status URL
Information Use Training Various types of Training Programs for increased research/studying productivity of students/researchers. (i.e., Academic DB Education, Bibliography Management, Program Education, How to Write a Thesis/Dissertation, etc.) Information Use Training URL
Designated Book A service that allows a large number of students to gain access to class materials designated by the instructors/professors. Books that are ‘designated’ by the instructors/professors will be separately displayed in the ‘Designated Book’ shelves for a certain period of time. Designated Book URL
Bibliography Management Tool Provides a bibliographic management program which helps you collect/manage references and create lists of citations/references that are required for your research. Endnote URL
Off Campus Access / Electronic Resource You can view electronic resources and video lectures outside of the campus through the Off Campus Access Service. Off Campus Access URL
Legal use of Electronic Resources URL
(Domestic/Foreign Electronic Journal & Academic DB Search)
DataBase URL
Electronic Journal URL
E-Book (Domestic/Foreign) URL
E-Learning (Video Lecture) URL
Visit Other Libraries When visiting other university libraries, the user must download a ‘Other Library Usage Application Form’ (online) and submit the form to the library. However, you can only read/view materials/books (loan, extension, etc. not allowed) Visit Other Libraries URL